America’s Central Port is the Grantee of Foreign Trade Zone 31 (FTZ 31).  An FTZ is an area within the geographic limits of the United States, but is considered outside of US customs’ territory. These designated sites allow domestic activity involving foreign items to take place prior to formal customs entry.  Products may be imported from other countries and placed, or “admitted,” directly in the foreign trade zone where it may be stored, manipulated, combined with domestic product, assembled, packaged or destroyed. No duty is paid on the imported product while it is in the foreign trade zone thereby delaying, reducing or eliminating payment of the import duty associated with the imported product.

FTZ 31 has been in use since the 1970s and has handled a multitude of imported products.

The Port currently has four designated sites, or “general purpose sites.”  Two of these sites are located at Americas Central Port, totaling approximately 500 acres.  In 2003, the Port expanded its foreign trade zone area by adding two additional sites at Gateway Commerce Center (2,250 acres) and MidAmerica St. Louis Airport (3,850 acres).

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For additional information regarding the benefits of Foreign Trade Zones, you may also visit the following websites:  U.S. Foreign Trade Zones Board, National Association of Foreign Trade Zones (NAFTZ) or US Customs and Border Protection.